Know Your Finishing Spray

spraysFloralife offers three high-quality finishing sprays for the floral professional. Of course, when there are three of anything, it can sometimes be unclear as to which finishing spray to use when. Or, you may assume that one product will do the job in any situation. So, let’s unlock the mystery together, shall we?

The sprays in question are Floralife® Finishing Touch Spray, Floralife® Clear Crowning Glory® Solution, and Floralife® Leafshine Spray. Each bears some similarity to the others, but each also has its own specific uses for cut flowers and potted plants. What does each finishing spray do? What are the best applications for each product? Here are some useful bullet points…

Floralife® Finishing Touch (Link)

  • A systematic hydrating treatment that controls moisture loss
  • Its nutrients are absorbed into leaves and petals
  • It allows flowers to “breathe” and to continue to take up water and flower food
  • Best Used For: Floral arrangements in vases or floral foam
  • And whenever flowers have a water source

Floralife® Clear Crowning Glory® (Link)

  • A topical hydrating treatment
  • It adds luster to floral arrangements
  • It provides a waxy moisture barrier that holds in moisture
  • Best Used For: Corsages, Wristlets, Boutonnieres, Kissing Balls
  • And when flowers have a limited or no water source

Floralife® Leafshine (Link)

  • A topical shine treatment
  • It adds a non-oily shine to plants
  • For use on leaves, NOT flowers
  • Best Used For: Potted plants
  • And when adding shine to leaves and greens

Whether you are a grower, wholesaler, bouquet maker, or retail florist, Floralife offers a finishing spray to help you maximize the quality, freshness and appearance of your cut flower arrangements and potted plants. Learn more about Floralife finishing sprays by clicking the links above, and have a great weekend!