Care & Handling Training

Care & Handling Training

FloraLife offers a complete and comprehensive care and handling training. We understand that there are many people involved in the process from beginning to end, and the training of each person, at each step, is imperative for best results and end consumer satisfaction.

In The Field

These are the crucial "first steps” in the postharvest journey:

  • Cutting the crop at just the right moment of the flower development and given the current external conditions.
  • Pre-treating and hydrating the blooms.
  • Preparing flowers for storage and transport.
  • Strictly monitoring temperature and humidity.
  • Packaging flower correctly.
  • Setting up for independent flower trials.

It’s an important job with details that can vary widely between flower species, but with the right products and FloraLife’s expert advice, you will start the post-harvest journey with confidence.


After the flowers leave the farms, they will need additional attention and treatments. When wholesalers, importers, distributors, and bouquet makers take over, they will add their touch and value. Proper hydration, nourishment, temperature and moisture control, sanitation and disease management are the key areas that these channels will be dealing with. It’s a lot to manage, but you have an ally in FloraLife!

We offer our extensive expertise in:

  • Flower handling facility setup and industry contacts.
  • Flower audits and reports for post-harvest handling.
  • Checking and cleaning of dosing systems.
  • Proper care and handling protocols and best practices.
  • Education on new research and developments as well as technologies in care and handling.
  • Cold chain management.

In The Store

It’s the healthiest, most eye-catching arrangements that jump off the shelf. At every step, from receiving to storage, from arranging to merchandising, you have the opportunity to maintain and enhance the freshness, beauty and health of your flowers. At retail, it’s about hydration and nourishment, but you will also have to pay close attention to strict temperature control and sanitation measures. With our quality products and expert guidance, FloraLife can help you make the sale!

  • Providing proper care and handling protocols and best retail practices.
  • Training of customer service and sales staff.
  • Checking and cleaning of dosing systems.
  • Troubleshooting and auditing for flower quality problems.
  • Providing diagnostic services (i.e. water tests, flower vase life tests, ethylene presence, etc.)

In The Home

The long journey from harvest to home is complete. It’s time for your customers to enjoy the lasting beauty of their cut flowers. The important care and handling steps taken the moment the customer gets home: cutting, hydrating and nourishing will ensure the best possible experience. Advising customers about proper care and handling as well as the daily follow up care will help extend the vase life of the blooms and have them coming back to you for more gorgeous stems.

Educate your customers on how to care for their flowers. Caution them about placing flowers in direct sunlight, drafty places, or near heating and cooling vents. Remind them to change the flower food solution when needed. And give your customer flower food sachets with every purchase. This is your best insurance policy to guarantee that the freshness will continue.

A happy customer means repeat business!

This may be the only time of year someone may purchase or receive flowers and may be your one and only chance to make an impression. Be sure to send your customers home armed with the tools and know-how! Proper care and handling and educating customers will not only give your customers an amazing experience but have them coming back to you when it’s time to buy flowers again!

Turn to FloraLife for the tools and advice needed to keep flowers long-lasting and fresh as well as what type of education is needed at consumer level.