Care in your Home

1. Start with a clean vase or container.

We do not recommend using a metal or galvanized container unless you have a liner.

Clean Vase

2. Fill your container with cool water mixed with flower food.

Follow directions on packet for the right water to food ratio. Do not use softened water as the salt levels can be damaging to flowers.

Flower Food

3. Remove any leaves that would fall below the water level.

Remove Leaves

4. Carefully re-cut stem ends approximately 1” (2.5cm) using a clean pair of floral clippers or a knife.

Re-cut Stems

5. Place flowers immediately into prepared container.

Prepared Container

6. Be careful not to get water on the flower blooms.

Flower Blooms

7. You should always place your flowers away from extreme cold, heat, direct sunlight and drafts.

Away from Cold and Sun

8. Check the water level daily, repeat steps 1-5 every 2-3 days so fresh cut flowers last as long as possible.

Check Water Level

9. Most importantly - Enjoy!