Where We Came From

  • 1930s

    In 1938, the very first FloraLife® fresh cut-flower food was produced and sold, beginning as a joint venture between a successful commercial grower of roses, William Bussert, and a Chicago cut-flower wholesaler, James Sykora, Sr. of the Amling Co. The initial packaging of the powder product was a capsule format that the customer opened, added then stirred into water. The directions also required the customer to add ordinary table sugar to the mixture. Timing however is everything and due to the short supply and rationing of sugar during World War II, sales quickly lagged.

  • 1940s

    In 1944, FloraLife® flower food was re-introduced and the FloraLife company was formed. Early advertising for FloraLife® products featured 20th Century Fox star, Joan Bennett. With promotional success, additional floral innovations soon followed, such as FloraDye™ (flower dye), FloraWax™ (prevented set-piece wilt), FloraKwick-Stick™ (a quick floral cement) and FloraGlow™ (makes potted plants “Glow and Grow”).

  • 1960s

    Always looking for new innovations to inspire the floral industry, FloraLife, Inc. generated a full line of high-end designer floral sprays to appeal to ever changing consumer demands in the 1960’s. Mist ‘n Dye™ gave florists the ease of dyeing flowers, just one or two at a time opening a whole new world of creativity.

  • 1980s

    In the 1980’s, “Dew-y” became the cartoonish character for FloraLife, promoting flower quality and providing FloraCare™ information through a comprehensive care and handling manual. The introduction of FloraCare™ products included Silflor®, Hydraflor®, D.C.D.® and a flower food for different water types, Special Blend Pure and Special Blend Hard.

    Country colors were the rage in home décor and FloraLife answered the demand with the Homestead Color Collection. FloraLife® Hot Melt GluGuns® and GluStiks® gave florists more flexibility in designing.

  • 1990s

    In the 1990’s, with the acceptance of the worldwide web, FloraLife, Inc. launched www.floralife.com, an internet tool that would aid in the marketing and education of FloraLife® products. FloraLife, Inc. introduced EthylBloc™ Technology, the first patented government approved ethylene action inhibitor for the floral industry. This was a monumental step in eliminating leaf yellowing and flower wilting, significantly increasing flower life.

    FloraLife’s selection of flower food products expanded to offer “holding solutions," for mass markets and wholesalers such as, FloraLife Professional® and Clear Professional® liquids.

  • 2000s

    In 2000 and beyond, FloraLife, Inc. launched crop specific bulb and rose flower foods, along with the first scented fresh flower food, Floroma®. Then came eZ Dose® Flower Food, a fast dissolving, easy-to-use holding or shipping solution for the bouquet and retail market.

    In 2006, FloraLife, Inc., a privately held company up to this point, was sold to Rohm & Hass, the worldwide chemical conglomerate. In January 2007, Smithers-Oasis Company, the worldwide leader in floral foam and floral design accessories, acquired the organization. With the synergies of both companies, FloraLife expanded into worldwide distribution networks throughout North and South America, Asia, India, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

FloraLife’s corporate headquarter is located in Walterboro, South Carolina, U.S.A. Among the Southern, picturesque charm of tall pine trees, this facility houses sales, manufacturing, warehousing, and research facilities all under one roof.

The FloraLife® product line is based upon years of research and development. With offices and laboratories strategically located in the most important flower trading countries of the world, testing is conducted based upon the perpetual and evolving needs of the floriculture market and its customers.