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FloraLife® Finishing Touch

FloraLife® Finishing Touch Spray maximizes the natural freshness of fresh cut flower bouquets, floral designs and evergreens by providing extra hydration. It refreshes cut flowers and is a simple last step, formulated to increase customer satisfaction and extend the enjoyment of receiving flowers.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides ingredients vital to keeping cut flowers fresh and the color of petals and leaves vibrant.
  • Ideal for use on fresh-cut flower vase designs, everyday floral and wedding arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, foliage and potted plants.
  • Safe to use on all flower types.
  • Prevents premature petal drop, dehydration, wilting and browning.
  • Dependent upon cultivar, a simple spray mist aids in extending flower life an additional 1 to 5 days.


Use Instructions & Dosing

This is a ready-to-use product (no mixing required).


Shake product spray bottle well before and during use. Do not dilute before use.


In short bursts, spray from a distance of 6” or 15cm a fine and even mist from the trigger nozzle onto fresh-cut flowers, foliage, evergreens, or potted plants for desired effect. Be careful not to concentrate spray in one spot.


Once applied, allow product to dry before delivering the arrangement or cold storage.


As part of the FloraLife 2025 sustainability plan, we are committed to improving the packaging of our products. Over the coming years, we aim to significantly reduce our plastic footprint. Hence our decision to offer the industry products with sustainable packaging.

Learn More About Our Sustainability Journey

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Material Containers

A percentage of this product’s packaging is made from recycled content. This means that this portion of the packaging has had at least 1 life before.  See the mark on the front label for how much recycled content is included in this packaging.