A Fine Floral Finish!

Last but definitely not least, finishing sprays are an important final post-harvest treatment you apply to the floral product before you send it home with your customer. There are different types of finishing sprays for different applications, so it’s important to understand which is which! That’s the topic of the latest FloraLife article for Florists’ Review, the aptly-named “Finishing Sprays.”

What is the difference between finishing sprays such as FloraLife® Crowning Glory® and FloraLife® Finishing Touch? When and how should you use them? To understand which finishing spray is right for which job, we need to first understand flower biology and mechanics. Now, this is a blog, not a science journal, so definitely, DEFINITELY read the original article! Here we go…

A Quick Biology Primer…

Located mainly in cut flower foliage are tiny pores called stomata that open and close in response to changing environmental conditions. They exchange gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen but their main function is to transport water up the flower stems.

As water evaporates from a leaf surface through the stomata, water is pulled up the stem’s plumbing system; this is called transpiration. The relationship between evaporation and uptake is called water balance; an unbalanced flower tends to expire sooner.

Finishing sprays provide a protective coating to the surface and help reduce water loss. And we’re done! End of article!

Type of Use = Type of Finishing Spray

But wait! We haven’t yet considered the way that your flowers will be enjoyed.  In a vase on the dinner table? Pinned to someone’s lapel? In a fancy hotel lobby? Type of use is a big factor in choosing the right finishing spray.

Exterior Coating Finishing Sprays

If your flowers will have limited or no access to water, an exterior coating finishing spray like FloraLife® Crowning Glory® will provide a clear polymer coating to the blooms, stems, and foliage, which reduces water loss. Great for corsages, boutonnieres, head pieces, and hand-tied bouquets.

Cellular-level Finishing Sprays

If you need your finished arrangements for a longer duration and they will have access to a water source by a container or floral foam, consider a finishing spray such as FloraLife® Finishing Touch. This will fortify finished arrangements and promote flower opening, color development, foliage quality, and hydration. Perfect for wedding work, event work, and commercial work such as designs for hotels and offices.

How to Apply Finishing Sprays

Compared to the biology lesson above, it’s super-easy! After you create your gorgeous design, simply apply the spray evenly, as directed, to the flower, stem, and foliage of the finished arrangement, corsage, etc. Allow the spray to dry prior to placing the flowers in the flower cooler to hold prior to the event.

Long-lasting, Beautiful Flowers

That’s the goal, as always, and finishing sprays can help! Be sure to read the original article. And for more info on FloraLife® Crowning Glory®, FloraLife® Finishing Touch, or other great cut flower postharvest tools and tips, visit us at https://floralife.com/ .