Roses and the Retailer: Key to Valentine Success!

We have said it before, the road from the rose farm to the retail shop is long.  At Valentine’s Day, the road can be even longer. You, as the retailer, have a certain number of tools in your bag to help deliver optimal rose enjoyment. So how do you leverage Valentine’s rose quality at the retail level? That’s the topic of the latest FloraLife article in LivRio, “Everything is Coming Up Roses!”

So, what influence does the retailer have in presenting quality, long-lasting roses at Valentine’s Day? You buy wisely, choosing reputable growers, shippers, and wholesalers who employ best practices. Then, when those flowers are in your cooler and sales floor, you provide the best care and handling that you can. Finally, you impart tools and wisdom to help your customer enjoy fresher flowers longer in the home.  

We encourage you to read the entire piece (page 23!) to get the whole story. But here are the highlights…

Prevent Disease:

  • Provide consistent temperature with little or no fluctuation.
  • Properly sanitize your tools and surfaces.
  • When unpacking, gently remove grower packaging from bunches.
  • Don’t get flower blooms wet.
  • Avoid touching or handling flowers by the blooms.
  • Take precautions to treat flowers gently, avoiding drops and bumps to prevent physical damage.
  • Ask your supplier to treat flowers with an ethylene action inhibitor, like EthylGuard.
  • Maintain moderate cooler humidity (anything over 90% humidity encourages diseases).

Sanitize: Be sure to maintain a clean and sanitized work environment, including tools, buckets, and work surfaces as well as cooler walls, floors. For best results, use a floral cleaner (such as Floralife® Floral Cleaner or D.C.D.® Cleaner).

Hydration & Nourishment: When your roses reach the store, they need proper hydration and nourishment, particularly when they arrive dry pack.  Try FloraLife® Quick Dip to jump-start hydration and ensure free-flowing stems.  Re-cut flower stems and place them immediately into water prepared with flower food such as FloraLife® Express.  Use a dosing unit that is properly calibrated, or hand mix the solution according to label instructions.

Protection: To help refresh, hydrate, and protect your flowers, use a professional finishing spray such as FloraLife® Finishing Touch or FloraLife® Crowning Glory®.

Customer Tips and Tools: Customers look to you not only for fresh, beautiful arrangements; they also expect you to impart your wisdom and tools to help them keep those roses fresh. Advice on placing roses in the home, as well as feeding and watering tips, are sure to be appreciated. And free flower food sachets are also a nice touch! Make sure they have enough to last throughout their roses’ vase life.   

If you’re looking to leave a winning impression that can lead to repeat business, Valentine’s Day is a natural jumping off point. So be sure to read the rest of our care and handling advice for Valentine’s roses in the latest LivRio (page 23!) and have a happy and prosperous Valentine’s Day!

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