Outdoor Weddings, Canadian Style!

Canadian outdoor weddings: for the uninitiated, this may conjure an image of building a snowman and pretending he is Parson Brown. Anyway…the season for them may be a bit shorter but outdoor weddings are a popular choice in Canada. And the experienced floral pro knows that wedding flowers need extra care to withstand their day in the sun. That’s the topic of a recent Floralife® article in Canadian Florist: “Outdoor Wedding Flowers that Shine!”

outdoor weddings

Braving the Elements:

Of course, whether you’re in Ontario or Orlando, your chief antagonist at an outdoor event is The Elements:

As you plan your flowers for an outdoor wedding ceremony, always keep the elements in mind. The average Ontario temperature might only reach the mid-20s (high-70s F), even in in the popular wedding month of August, but don’t be complacent! Sun, wind, and heat will affect your flowers differently than you may be accustomed to in the typical indoor ceremony.  

Floralife® then offers several tips for making it work and avoiding stress (for you AND your flowers), including:

Flower Selection:

Simply put, choose blooms that can take it. Maybe mums or carnations? But if the bride insists (it’s been known to happen) on a more delicate variety, work with your supplier to find the hardiest ones available.

Ethylene Danger:

It’s everywhere throughout the flower’s journey from farm to event. Make sure your supplier has treated your blooms with an ethylene inhibitor along the way.

Stage of Openness:

You roll the dice every week, waiting for those closed blooms to open by Saturday. And you probably know more than a few folk remedies for forcing them open. But Floralife says the best method is a properly-mixed commercial flower food!

Fillers and Greens:

Fillers and greens aren’t the star of the show and they ARE hardier then most flowers but they need TLC too! Give them proper hydration, use proper storage methods, and a finishing spray to reduce transpiration.  


Proper, stable storage temps and proper humidity level are key, as well as giving blooms room to breathe to help prevent mold and botrytis.

outdoor weddings

Outdoor Weddings: Make them Memorable!

“Whether your ceremony is indoor or out, the flowers you provide have traveled a long way to arrive at that special day (our American friends have NO idea!) At every step of the journey, floral professionals have labored to deliver fresh, vibrant, memorable flowers to your bride. The rest is up to you!” 

Of course, there is MUCH more detail in the original article, So check it out!