Limonium: Versatile and Festive!

LivRio Magazine June 2024, powered by FloraLife

Belonging to the family Plumbaginaceae, and cousin to the equally popular Statice, Limonium latifolium, aka Limonium platyphyllum or Sea Lavender, is an incredibly versatile and beautiful filler flower.

Native to Mediterranean regions through to Eastern Europe, this species of Limonium is prized by florists for its ethereal, wispy appearance which adds a naturalistic aesthetic to any arrangement. Available in shades of white, pink and blue, this filler flower can be relied on to compliment any color pallet.

When growing, this species has the unique ability to thrive in salty soils, where most other plants are unable to grow. It achieves this with the help of chalk glands located on its leaves which secrete salts up taken by the plant, which can then be crystallized on the leaves or be washed away. This growing habit allows them to flourish in coastal regions where they are sometimes used to combat soil erosion.

And as if this flower wasn’t working hard enough to fulfill any desired brief, it also lends itself very well to tinting, and spray color. So, if you’re looking for red rockets bursting in air this 4th of July, simply reach for your trusty stems of Limonium and a can of red color tint. With this winning combination, you’re sure to create an Independence Day arrangement worthy of its own celebration.

Care and Handing Information


  • When purchasing, avoid stems with discolored and yellow foliage, fungus (botrytis), dehydration, and/or underweight bunches.

Shipping & Storage

  • Shipping and storage temperatures should be 34 – 38° F (1 – 3°C).

Re-hydration at store level

  • Store flowers dry at 34 – 38° F for as long as possible (until flowers are needed for wet case display.
  • Start processing with a clean bucket, sanitized with FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner.
  • If received dry packed, conditioning of stem ends is recommended to prevent blockage and promote uptake. Cut approximately 1” or more off stems. Use clean, sanitized clippers or knife, and treat with FloraLife® Quick Dip.
  • Place flowers in a flower food holding solution such as FloraLife® Express 200. Do not put flowers directly in metal/galvanized buckets. Use clean, high-quality water that has not been treated with a water softener.
  • Store in a cooler at 34 – 38° F with 75 – 85% relative humidity.
  • Allow minimum 2 hours to hydrate placing buckets in an area with good airflow.  
  • Always remember FIFO (first in/first out) when rotating Limonium or any other flowers.

Vase Care

  • Remove any leaves that might be below the vase solution.
  • If received dry, cut approximately 1” or more off stems. Use clean, sanitized clippers or knife, and treat with FloraLife® Quick Dip.
  • Immediately place flowers in properly dosed vase solutions (flower food and water) containing FloraLife Crystal Clear® (the perfect solution for clear vases), or FloraLife® Express 300 (the no-cut premium solution).

Special Consideration

Leaf and stem yellowing, botrytis infection (gray mold), and foul smell are common issues.

  • Unpack boxes immediately upon receipt to allow bunches to air out, especially if bunches are sleeved. If not unpacked, condensation around the flowers may result in flower rotting and shattering, especially towards the center of the bunch.
  • Never overstuff buckets as this product molds immediately without air circulation. Use transport sheets during transport.

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