Hydration How-to from Floralife®!

hydrationHydration… what could be simpler? Of all your many responsibilities around the shop, this one seems pretty straightforward. Well, there’s actually a lot to know about hydration, and the ways that proper hydration can give your flowers a big leg up as they continue their journey to your customer’s home. That’s the takeaway from a recent article Floralife® penned for our friends at Floriology!

The Floriology piece, “Six Steps to Hydration Success,” describes the stakes:

”You can’t underestimate the value of proper hydration to the life of fresh cut flowers. A flower dehydrated during postharvest shipping needs a jump-start of water and nutrients. It’s a process with many moving parts! So, to help you achieve optimal results, Floralife® offers the following care and handling advice…”

Hydration Highlights…

  1. Sanitation: Clean water, clean workspace, clean tools! Courtesy of Floralife®C.D.® Cleaner!
  2. Variety Knowledge: Different blooms have different hydration needs. Know your varieties, and hydrate efficiently!
  3. Jump Start: Get the ball rolling with a hydration treatment like the reliable Floralife® Quick Dip!
  4. Nutrition and Proper Dosing: Too little flower food is ineffective, too much is too harsh!
  5. Temperature Management: Proper temps really take flower food effectiveness to the next level. Find out why!
  6. Finishing Spray: Optimize your hydration efforts by locking in the moisture. Floralife® Finishing Touch and Floralife® Crowning Glory® can help!

In conclusion: “Sanitation, proper dosing, and temperature management… each of these interact with hydration, and directly affect vase life. Each is a vital part of creating and maintaining an environment for long-lasting flowers. But you can do it successfully with the right tools, protocols and advice. Satisfied customers and repeat business will be your reward!”

As usual, these are the highlights. Be sure to read the whole piece over at Floriology. See you next time!