Flower Focus: Caring for Carnations

Carnations – those sunny, versatile, hardworking flowers in the florist’s cooler that often don’t get the respect they deserve. In this month’s issue of LivRio Magazine, Floralife corrects that slight, as well as offers useful Carnation care and handling tips!

“Probably native to the Mediterranean region, the Carnation’s precise origins are unknown due to widespread cultivation over the last two thousand years. They have stood the test of time with good reason. Carnations are one of the most incredibly hardy flowers in the market today, with an average of 7 to 14 days of vase life. Carnations and mini carnations travel well, hold their shape and color, and can easily outlast most other flowers in a bouquet.”

carnationsAlas, Carnations aren’t indestructible. Floralife’s article covers some common defects, such as early sleepiness, split calyx, and buds that sometimes fail to open (read the article for details!)


Then we cover a bunch of useful handling tips, including:

  • Dealing with ethylene sensitivity
  • Proper sanitation
  • The dangers of metal/galvanized buckets
  • Proper hydration
  • And others.

The article also lists useful Floralife products to help you care for your Carnations, including:  Ethylbloc, EthylGuard, D.C.D.® Cleaner, no-cut Express Technology and Quick Dip.  Be sure to check out the June issue of LivRio Magazine today!