EthylBloc™ Sachet

EthylBloc™ sachets are designed to protect flowers and plants from ethylene-related damage and loss. The effectiveness of the sachets is comparable to the transport kit treatment. However the smaller sized sachet offers maximum application flexibility, allowing even the smallest box shipments to be protected. EthylBloc™ sachets can be used at any point in the supply chain where ethylene is present: immediately after harvest, just prior to shipment, upon shipment arrival or just prior to sale. This product is patented and is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EthylBloc™ technology powder contained in the sachet is released when the sachet is dipped in water. Designed for use inside the box, the product’s active ingredient is slowly dissolved and released to ensure that all the flowers or plants in the box are thoroughly protected. The sachet’s EthylBloc™ technology leaves no trace or residue after treatment is completed, and is safe for workers. EthylBloc™ is a trademark of AgroFresh Inc. Not for use on food or food crops.