Crowning Glory for Longer Vase Life!

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Floralife’s research department never stops looking for ways to keep your flowers fresher and longer lasting. Our latest research demonstrates that Crowning Glory® Spray has a positive impact on the vase life of fresh cut hydrangea!

Floralife® Crowning Glory® Spray Effects on Vase Life on Hydrangeas at Farm Level:

Maintenance of proper water balance in hydrangea after harvest is critical to quality and vase life. It is recognized that hydrangea loses considerable water following harvest due to the large leaf area of these flowers. Use of spray solutions following harvest to restrict water loss may be a valuable way to increase vase life.

Location: A Farm in Colombia

Date: 7/26/2017

Objective: This trial was conducted to evaluate the use of Crowning Glory® sprays on hydrangea flowers following harvest.

Crop Cut: Hydrangeas (white variety)

Method: This experiment was conducted at a farm in Colombia. Hydrangeas were harvested early in the morning and brought to the postharvest room. Flowers were hydrated for 24 hours at temperature around 15° C in the postharvest room. Floralife® Crowning Glory® was sprayed on flowers and leaves at the beginning or end of hydration treatment.




  1. Control (No Spray)
  2. Crowning Glory® Spray at the beginning of hydration
  3. Crowning Glory® Spray at the end of hydration

Once the hydration phase was concluded, flowers were packed in boxes (no hydration bag or liner were used for this trial). Shipping simulation was done by storing flower boxes for seven days in the cold room. After shipping simulation, flowers were taken out and placed in vases with plain water for vase life evaluation.









  • Crowning Glory® treatment improved the vase life of hydrangeas by 2 days (25%)
  • Same efficacy was obtained when sprayed at the beginning or end of farm hydration treatment
  • No toxicity was observed on flowers when using Crowning Glory®