FloraLife® Express Clear Ultra 200

FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200

FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 is a unique and innovative storage and transport solution that allows fresh cut flowers to stay fully hydrated and fed without having to re-cut stems. This special formulation allows you to ship, store and sell with only one cut at harvest. The unique formulation promotes immediate uptake for hydration and nutrition and keeps stems clear and free flowing, inhibiting premature bud opening or bent neck. It allows farms to sell the length they cut, bouquet and wholesalers to sell the length they buy thus seeing a reduction in shipping costs, labor cost and reduced waste. ULTRA concentration means the product is optimally concentrated to significantly reduce waste in water, packaging and transport. This product is part of the FloraLife 2025 sustainability plan and is now carbon neutral. For shippers, bouquet makers, supermarkets, retail florists and wholesalers.