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FloraLife® Automatic Dosing System (for Europe only)

The FloraLife® Automatic Dosing System is an industrial grade dosing system which helps properly dose FloraLife® products with water. This injector can easily be installed in your shop or warehouse and quickly pays for itself in terms of time saving and accuracy. It is designed for use by professional wholesale florists, retail florists, bouquet makers and growers. Research shows that improperly measured flower food is worse than not using flower food at all. The FloraLife® Automatic Dosing System significantly reduces time spent dosing your flower buckets, allowing you to focus on more important tasks! It comes preset to specific dosing rates. However, you can also adjust any preset unit to a different rate by following the instructions provided. Check that the dosing system is set at 0.5% to accurately dose FloraLife® Express Ultra 200. If not twist and fix the bottom of the unit to the correct setting. Available only in Europe.



Features & Benefits

  • Helps properly dose FloraLife® products with water.
  • Practical, compact and high performance.
  • Water flow rate from 10l/h to 3500l/h.
  • Simple, precise and safe dosing adjustment (0,2 – 2%).
  • ON/OFF function included, to stop the product injection without cutting off the water.

Use Instructions & Dosing