Christmas Arrangements Care & Handling

Whether your customer is entertaining or merely decorating the home or office, Christmas arrangements make the occasion EXTRA merry and bright. But keeping those yuletide designs looking warm and festive all holiday season long requires proper care and handling. So take a few minutes to check out Floralife’s latest in the pages of Floriology: “Christmas Care and Handling Tips!”

Christmas Reds… and Greens! A nice evergreen, such as pine or cedar, adds an unmistakable holiday vibe to your Christmas flower arrangements. Fresh greens are best, so buy local and don’t purchase too far in advance. But if you do find yourself with a supply of greens in waiting, know that they can last in dry storage for several weeks – WITH the proper temps and humidity. (So, read the article!)

Raise a Toast: Your greens will pass on the eggnog, but they do appreciate a good drink! Mist them as often as possible to keep them fresh. But take care not to mist your flower blooms!

Branching Out: Seasonal branches add an exciting look and texture to your holiday arrangements but also have a few special care considerations. The article describes a few methods for cleaning, stripping, and pruning as well as feeding with Floralife® Express.

Feature Festive Fruits! Why not pomegranate, persimmons or citrus in your arrangements? But, as with greens, these should be a just-in-time addition. Remember, decaying fruit equals ethylene. Fortunately, you already ask your flower supplier to use EthylBloc™ …right?

Braving the Elements: Winter is a time of extremes, and not just outdoors. Outside the relative calm of your floral cooler, your showroom probably has a hot spot by the heat register, a cold spot by the door, and drafts aplenty. All things to consider as you display your holiday designs!

The 5 Steps of Christmas Flowers Freshness

  • Sanitize: Or “Santa-tize,” if that helps you remember! Buckets, tools, surfaces, and the cooler get scrubbed and sanitized. And remember, DCD® Cleaner beats bleach – at Christmas and all year long!
  • Hydrate: Professional Hydrating treatments get the holiday party started by jump-starting water uptake. Especially helpful with field-grown flowers.
  • Feed & Nourish: Commercial flower foodproperly dosed, is what’s on the menu. It’s the best way to lower pH in the water, keep stems flowing, and nourish flowers.
  • Protect: Finishing sprays, naturally! They refresh, hydrate, protect, and make flower enjoyment last longer.
  • Customer Care: More precisely, customer education! Show them where to place flowers in the home (and where NOT to). Give tips on changing flower food solution. And don’t forget those flower food sachets!  

Fantastic Floral Fun Awaits! Holidays can be a fun time to stretch your creativity. And they are a great time to make customer impressions that will last all year long. Just remember to use proper care & handling techniques as well as helpful tools from your friends at Floralife®. Happy Holidays, everyone! (And read the original article!)