Delphinium: Delphinitely Delightful!

Floral designers look to the Delphinium for its impressive height, unique texture and variety of colors, especially its selection of blues. These are just a few of the traits Floralife® covers in a recent article penned for our friends at LivRio entitled “Delightful Delphinium.”

The name Delphinium, meaning “fun and lighthearted,” captures well the look and feel of this ­flower. Approximately 300 species of perennial ­flowering plants belong to the Delphinium or Larkspur family. Native throughout the northern hemisphere, and also the high mountains of Africa, their graceful stalks swaying in the breeze create a breathtaking landscape. It’s no wonder these ­flowers were quickly adopted and bred for commercial growth.


The article then covers the whole range of care and handling tips for floral pros to get the most out their Delphinium, including advice on ethylene. Delphinium is extremely ethylene sensitive, so a couple of indispensable tools for the floral pro toolbox are:

EthylBloc™ Technology

EthylBloc™ Technology is an EPA approved ethylene action inhibitor. It inhibits the negative effects of ethylene which include: premature wilting, leaf yellowing, premature opening, and premature death. EthylBlocTM is intended for use by professional growers, wholesalers, nursery and greenhouse growers and retail florists.

  • EthylBloc™ extends flower life.
  • It protects against leaf yellowing, decreases premature flower aging, and reduces flower, bud and leaf drop comparable to the truck kit.
  • It can be used at any time – immediately after harvest, just prior to shipment, upon shipment arrival or just prior to sale.
  • It’s easy to use, nontoxic, and safe for workers.

EthylGuard ULTRA 100


EthylGuard ULTRA 100 ethylene action inhibitor product from Floralife is an STS-based liquid product designed to protect flowers from ethylene related damage. Floralife® EthylGuard ULTRA 100 has been formulated to encourage the uptake of silver thereby enhancing the benefits of treatment.

  • Protects against both internal and external sources of ethylene.
  • Improves vase life and quality of flower experience.
  • Helps to lower costs associated with inventory shrinkage.

And those are your delightful Delphinium details! Be sure to read the whole piece at LivRio! See you next time!