Ranunculus: This “Little Frog” will Hop into Your Heart!

Ranunculus – for a flower so pretty, its name certainly stumbles across the tongue, doesn’t it? Apparently, these affordable, long lasting blooms take their name from the Latin word for Little Frog, perhaps named for the many varieties that flourish near water. Ranunculus care and handling is the topic of the latest Floralife® article in July’s LivRio Magazine!

ranunculus“Receiving Ranunculus as buds, or with a tight cut point, you can expect anywhere from 5-7 days vase life. These multi-layered petals are an absolute feast for the senses as they open. When the delicate, paper thin layers unfurl, they reveal gorgeous tone on tone colors, giving a completely unique look to every bloom. Artfully arranged in clusters as stand-alone arrangements, or in bouquets mixed with other flowers, Ranunculus give a superb look to any design.”          LivRio

The various members of the Ranunculus family (buttercups, spearworts, and others) face their own challenges. The Floralife® article covers some common defects, such as limp stems and petals, broranunculuswn stem tips, brown centers, and yellowed or burned leaves.

Then we cover a bunch of useful care and handling tips, which include:

  • Preventing damage due to botrytis
  • Dealing with ethylene sensitivity
  • Providing proper sanitation
  • The dangers of using metal or galvanized buckets
  • The dangers of using water treated with softeners (avoid the salt!!)
  • And many others.

Floralife Loves Ranunculus!

The LivRio article also lists useful Floralife® products to help you care for your Ranunculus, which include:  Ethylbloc, D.C.D.® Cleaner, Express Technology and Quick Dip.  Be sure to hop on over and check out the July issue of LivRio Magazine today!

Photo credit: Pixabay, GoodFreePhotos