Love Your Lily Longer (with Floralife®!)

The lovely lily isn’t just for spring! So let’s talk about summer and fall varieties, specifically the LA Hybrid, Oriental, and Rose. That’s precisely what Floralife® did in a recent care and handling article for LivRio!

The piece, “Lilies for a Summer Fling,” says that, though their early spring cousins may hog the spotlight, “there is just as much enjoyment to be had in the summer and fall with later appearing lilies such as LA Hybrid, Oriental and Rose Lily. They may not “rescue” your spirit like those first crocuses breaking through the frost, but they hold their own in terms of beauty, fragrance and vase life.”


A cross between Asiatic and Easter Lilies. LA Hybrid appears in mid-July. Features tall, hardy stems and large, long-lasting blooms. Lightly scented.


A double-flowering, rose-like appearance (appropriate!) with long vase life. Also, if heavy scent and pollen mess keeps lilies out of your home, take note: rose lily breeders have addressed these drawbacks and paved the way for a subtler, tidier flower experience!


Summer’s end brings the Oriental Lily. A hardy bloom that can better tolerate cooler climes and lesser-quality soil. Taller and with larger blooms than Asiatics. The most famous Oriental? The popular Stargazer!

Care and Handling

We then jump into proper care and handling tips, including some fine Floralife® products you can use.  

GROWER RECOMMENDATIONS:Ethylene kills! So use EthylBloc™ or FLORALIFE® EthylGuard

HYDRATION AFTER HARVEST: Hydrating is very important at this stage. Use FLORALIFE® Express Clear 100 or FLORALIFE® Bulb 100.

SHIPPING AND STORAGE: Lilies should be at 36 – 38° F (2-3C) and with FLORALIFE® Clear 200 or FLORALIFE® Clear 200 or FLORALIFE® Express 200.

VASE CARE: Treat stems with FLORALIFE ® Quick Dip. Use a vase solution containing FLORALIFE ® Clear 300 or FLORALIFE ® Express 300. Use a finishing spray such as FLORALIFE ® Finishing Touch.

Of course, for all the details you’ll want to read the whole piece, so head on over to LivRio! Thanks, and see you next time!