Bulb Flowers Herald the Coming of Spring!

bulb flowers

As grim as this winter has been, spring is right around the corner. Of course, for the floral pro, it won’t truly be spring until those first bulb flowers make their way into your shop. To help you get ready, Floralife® has penned another care and handling piece for our friends at Florists’ Review entitled “Bulb Flowers: Preserving the First Smiles of Spring.”

“If we aren’t growing spring bulb flowers, we are buying them to brighten our homes. Making that purchase enjoyable is the florist’s mission but an experienced florist knows that the vase life of spring bulb flowers can be short. Purchasing flowers at the right stage of development and caring for them properly is critical for vase life – and repeat business.”

Tips for proper care (and, hopefully, repeat business!) include a discussion of how to purchase bulb flowers at the correct stage of opening. What should you look for when buying daffodil, tulip, iris, lily or hyacinth? It’s in the article!

The bulb flower discussion also includes tips on:

  • Ethylene exposure
  • Unpacking and processing
  • Recutting or NOT recutting?
  • Mixing (or NOT mixing) daffodils with other flowers
  • Cold storage

bulb flowers

And the article closes with a friendly exhortation: “During bulb flower season, you will greet a welcome rush of smiling customers, many for the first time. If you want to KEEP them smiling – and coming back – give them a vibrant, long-lasting bulb flower experience. With smart buying and proper care and handling, you can!”

So, be sure to head over to Florists’ Review to peruse some valuable Floralife® bulb care and handling tips during this, the most bulb-iest time of the year!