Stock Flower: The Smell of Success

The versatile Stock flower has something that its friends in the floral cooler don’t: natural floral scent! “In a cut flower world that breeds for visual appeal and longevity over floral aroma, the plucky little Stock flower is a sweetly-scented exception.” And that’s the jumping-off point for a recent article Floralife® wrote for LivRio, entitled “Stock: An Aromatic Treat for the Senses.”

From its Mediterranean origins to its current status as a Virginia wildflower, the Stock flower lends its beauty to florists looking for a rainbow of colors and a dose of vertical height. “Stock flower is a burst of sunshine that, paired with its intoxicating scent, is sure to bring a smile to floral fans everywhere. No wonder it’s a symbol of happiness, peace, and contentment! And to keep those good vibes flowing long after purchase, Floralife® presents some handy Stock flower care and handling tips for wholesalers, retailers and flower enthusiasts.”

  • These include tips on Purchasing. What are the signs of a healthy Stock flower? Did it receive an ethylene treatment? What warning signs should you look out for? Here’s one hint: leaf yellowing!
  • Processing advice: Sanitation, hydration, stock rotation… all the –ations!
  • Storage: Temperature control is key!
  • And Design tips: A versatile variety, Stock is at home as an accent in a mixed bouquet, or on its own in a single-color Stock Statement!

stock flowerHowever you use and enjoy Stock flower, make sure to heed these care and handling tips because it can be finicky. Stock flower is ethylene-sensitive, extremely thirsty, and prone to damage if you bunch them too tightly and mold develops. So, of course, you’ll need some EthylBloc and EthylGuard as well some Quick Dip and Floralife® Express Technology to help you get the most out of your Stock flowers!

Be sure to read the original article at LivRio on pages 18 and 19. See you next time!