Flower Food: Let’s Discuss Dosing

Flower food dosing is a critical – yet sometimes overlooked – aspect of maintaining the vitality of cut flowers.  Not enough flower food in your vase solution is ineffective. Too much is…too much and can cause damage to your flowers. The importance of striking a dosing balance, and how to do it, is the topic of Floralife’s latest care and handling piece in the September/October issue of Floriology.


Biology 101

In the article, we discuss how the flower is utterly dependent on YOU for its nutritional needs once it’s removed from its growing environment. There’s a long road ahead before it reaches the consumer, who also expects long vase life after the purchase.


Mix Mastery

There IS an ideal dosing ratio of flower food in solution but some like to “freelance.” If I use a little less, I can stretch my supply. If I use MORE than the recommended dose, I will get even BETTER results!


Whitecoats Weigh In

Unfortunately, the science says otherwise. In lab tests conducted by FLORALIFE®, we show that too little flower food in solution doesn’t deliver. Early wilting can result, as well as an unbalanced environment ripe for bacteria growth. Too much flower food can cause leaf burn and leaf drop, with no real gain in vase life.


Dosing Technology Delivers

Finally we discuss convenient dosing technology, such as the Floralife® Dosing Systems. These take the guesswork out of dosing, and make it easy to dependably deliver flower food in the correct ratio.

FLORALIFE®: Adding Value across the Flower Chain!

The name of the game is beauty, vitality and vase life. Maintaining and promoting these across the vast distances some flowers must trek from the grower to the consumer can be a tough job. We would say there is no magic formula for success but, you know what? In a way, there IS. Research shows that flower food – in the proper dose – is your best bet to present to the consumer healthy vibrant flowers that last! Flower Food: A Dosing Discourse

Be sure to read the entire dosing piece, as well as the rest of the valuable info in this month’s Floriology!