FloraLife® Clear 200 eZ Dose®

A fast-dissolving, traceable storage solution, Floralife® eZ Dose delivery system is a convenient holding and shipping treatment. It is made in a microperforated packet so it can be directly placed or dropped into a clean flower bucket without having to tear the packet open for use. The micro-perforated holes allow water to penetrate into the packet quickly and dissolve the flower food powder once in the water. The fast dissolving patented technology of the packet ensures quick mixing of the contents throughout the entire bucket of water. It is available in pre-measured amounts to accommodate different bucket water volumes, making the dosage correct for the greatest flower performance. The micro-perforated packet is a very bright, vibrant color which is easily seen and should remain in the bucket until it is time to re-clean the buckets and change the food solution. This colorful packet serves as a great tool for store management as a visual identifier to confirm the treatment has been made. For wholesalers, bouquet makers, supermarkets and florists – Use as a convenient and easy way to store flowers in a fresh flower solution.