Floralife Express & Floriology: Flowers are Foodies Too!

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Floralife has enjoyed an exciting, successful launch with Floralife Express No Stem Recut Technology. Of course, it helps that Express really works and it’s easy to use. But we have also had fun with the messaging, as we have reminded floral professionals that “Flowers Don’t Require Tough Labor,” or “You can Cut Time, not Flowers.” Now, it’s “Flowers are Foodies, Too!” …an idea that might help the floral retailer build customer loyalty.

Flowers are Foodies Too?

To understand this idea, and to sell it to your customers, let’s get the Wiki definition. A Foodie is “a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and who eats food not out of hunger but due to their interest or hobby.” A person with a keen interest that includes not only eating, but also food preparation, nutrition and wellness. A Foodie chooses better ingredients, makes healthier choices, and appreciates convenience while still enjoying a bit of effort and craft (much like those fancy meal kit subscriptions that come in the mail!)floralife express

Foodies are passionate, and their attitudes aren’t limited to the food they eat. It isn’t a huge leap for them to transfer their attitudes about eating to the way they feed their pets and even their houseplants. So, help customers to see that flower food, such as Floralife Express, is more than mere fuel – it’s a gourmet meal that satisfies and helps the flower to thrive, to flourish and enjoy a longer vase life.

As a floral retailer looking to build and maintain customer loyalty, playing to the Foodie trend and the psychology behind it makes sense. It starts with education. “Helping consumers have the best possible flower experience is the best way to build a loyal floral customer base.  Time and time again, consumer education has proven to be instrumental in ensuring that the consumer’s experience is a positive one.” Floriology: Flowers are Foodies Too!

Floralife Express Talking Points 

Floralife recommends a few talking points to use when describing the benefits of Floralife Express Technology to your customers, including tips on:

  • Cleanliness
  • Proper dosing
  • Removing foliage below the solution line
  • Cutting – or NOT cutting – stems
  • Maintaining solution level in the vase, and
  • Environmental issues (sunlight, drafts, etc.)

floralife expressFloralife Express Technology: Educate and Equip your Customer!

For a Foodie, nothing is accidental. As they see it, they and their families are purposefully choosing to eat better, healthier, more sustainably, and so on. They have done the research and made smart choices. So, floral professional, reach out to these people. Get them into your store. Give them the tools and the know-how. And start building customer loyalty!  Be sure to check out the July issue of Floriology, and then visit Floralife on the web!