Valentine’s Day Fun Floral Facts!


Valentine’s Day 2018 is shaping up nicely for our American floral friends, according to the SAF. They have compiled a list of good reports from various surveys done by the National Retail Federation, SAF and Prince & Prince. Overall, the outlook is for near record spending , with reaching it’s second-highest level since SAF started their Valentine’s Day survey 15 years ago.

Let’s look at some Valentine’s Day numbers!

  • 55%: of Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • 44 million: number of households buying flowers.
  • $3.4 billion: Retail spending for all flower related products.
  • $77.00: average spending per flower-buying household.
  • 67%: number of florists expecting increased sales this Valentine’s Day.
  • 17%: the florists’ slice of the spending pie this year.

So, what’s YOUR Valentine’s Day forecast? Is it ROSY? (sorry!) They say that the holiday falling on a Wednesday in 2018 is good news for floral retail, as it is far from the weekend, and gives us a chance to impress our sweeties at the office. What do you think? Either way, Floralife wishes all of our floral friends a SUCCESSFUL Valentine’s Day!

Now, a few more fun floral stats from Floralife. Enjoy!

To see the full Valentine’s Day FunFacts poster from Floralife, click here: Floralife_Valentine_FunFacts_2018

And here’s the Europe version!: Floralife_Valentine_FunFacts_EU_02.13.2018




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