Booster eZ Dose®: Longer Vase Life, Clearer Water

  ezdose 03Floralife Research Updates are a valuable source of cut flower knowledge. Our floral research helps growers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers get the most from their investment, and present a better product to the consumer. Today’s focus is on improving vase life, while also enjoying clearer vase solution in a paper entitled “Product Test Results: Booster eZ Dose.

Floralife® Booster eZ Dose®: How it Works

Floralife® Booster eZ Dose delivery system is made in a micro-perforated packet so it can be directly placed or dropped into a clean flower bucket without having to tear the packet open for use. This product is intended to give additional strength to flower food solutions to keep the solution clean. Producers of flowers that tend to pollute the vase (or bucket) water quickly (like sunflowers) will be able to give their flower food solutions a boost with the addition of Floralife® Booster eZ Dose.

ezdose 01Basically, longer vase life is great, but cloudy vase water makes the flower experience less enjoyable, creates work and uses more water. Promoting longer vase life, while keeping solution clearer longer, as Booster eZ Dose® claims to do, would be a big benefit. So, Floralife scientists decided to put Booster eZ Dose® to the test!

Floralife® Booster eZ Dose®: The Experiment

For our floral research experiment, we tested Booster eZ Dose against plain vase water, and then tested it in combination with other flower food treatments. We purchased several varieties of flowers and dry-shipped them from the farm to our lab. We cut the stems, removed foliage and separated the flowers into three solutions: Water only, Clear 200 eZ Dose®, and Clear 200 eZ Dose® with Booster eZ Dose®.

Here are those results (Click to Enlarge):

ezdose 2A

Next, we widened the experiment to include other Floralife treatments such as Floralife 200 and Flower Food Clear 300. In terms of longer vase life and solution clarity, the results were equally impressive across the board, and you can the details at the original Research Update.

The bottom line? “It was observed that the Floralife® Booster eZ Dose increases the vase longevity of the flowers when combined with flower food treatments. In addition, Floralife® Booster eZ Dose® helps maintain the solution clarity longer than the solutions that did not have the treatment.”

If you are looking for longer vase life and clearer water, Floralife® Booster eZ Dose can make it happen! Have you used Booster eZ Dose® yet? How has it worked for you? Share your results in the comments section below!