Floral Research: Floralife eZ Dose Improves Vase Life

ezdose3Floralife Research Updates are a valuable source of cut flower knowledge. Our floral research helps growers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers get the most from their investment, and present a better product to the consumer. Today’s focus is on the holding and shipping portion of the flower chain, as we discuss the “Efficacy of Floralife® eZ Dose® Storage Solution.”

Maintaining Flower Quality during Holding and Shipping

This floral Research Update was written by Floralife Chief Scientist Anil Ranwala, PhD and opens with the following statement: “Maintaining the water balance, nutrients and sanitation during each phase of postharvest handling is critical to ensure the quality and vase life of cut flowers.”

When it comes to holding and shipping, one solution stands out: Floralife® eZ Dose®. Why? It is “designed to maintain cut flower hydration and nutrition without causing excessive opening and development of the flower petals before the final consumer sale.”

ezdose2Floralife® eZ Dose®: How it Works

Ideal for use by bouquet operators, supermarkets and mass merchants, Floralife® eZ Dose® comes in a micro-perforated packet. Just drop it into a clean flower bucket – no need to tear the packet open. Water enters the packet through the micro-perforations, and the flower food quickly dissolves into the water and distributes evenly. Floralife® eZ Dose® also comes in a range of dosages to suit different sized buckets.

Precise dosages, ease of use… it all sounds great – as long as it works! That’s where our floral research department comes in.

The Experiment

We stored cut flowers in clean buckets containing either plain water or water treated with Floralife® eZ Dose® Storage Solution. The flowers were stored for 2 days in a cooler between 34 – 36° F, then held at 68 – 70° F for 3 days to simulate shipping and retail store conditions. At the end of the simulations, we placed the flowers in vases containing Floralife Crystal Clear® Flower Food, and then we measured vase life.

ezdose1The Results

The bottom line? Our floral research experiment showed that “All flower varieties tested in this study benefited when Floralife® eZ Dose® Storage Solution was used prior to the final consumer stage.”

These are just the highlights. BE sure to check out the rest of our floral Research Update on our website! Have you used Floralife® eZ Dose® during holding and shipping? How has it worked for you? Share your results in the comments section below!