Express Technology: Research Proves Wider Effectiveness

express clear labelEarlier this week, we brought you news about Floralife’s Express Technology. Namely, that we have expanded its No Stem Recut awesomeness from rose processing to a wider range of flowers. Now, it’s time to hear about the science behind this development, as well as a list of the many types of flowers we have tested!

This news comes from our latest floral Research Update, entitled “A performance test on various fresh cut flower varieties using Floralife® Express Clear 200 and Express Clear ULTRA 200.”

Quick review: Express Technology is a storage and transport solution you can use wherever you normally use Floralife® Clear 200 and Clear ULTRA 200. It’s “a unique and innovative technology that allows fresh cut flowers to keep fully hydrated and fed without having to recut the stems.” Or, No Stem Recut for short.

Now, having made a splash in the rose processing business – saving time, labor, money and workspace – Floralife researchers set out to determine if Express Technology might provide similar results in other types of flowers.

We performed side-by-side vase life tests on flowers treated with Floralife® Clear 200 (with stems recut) against flowers treated with new Floralife® Express Clear 200 (No Stem Recut.) Here is a peek at some of the results:

express 4The conclusion? “In the case of cut flowers that were treated with Floralife® Express Clear 200 without recutting of the stems, it was observed that the uncut stems presented equal vase life when compared to the current Floralife® Clear 200 formula with the re-cut stems.”

If it hasn’t already landed in your IN box, you can check out the Research update online HERE. And you’ll definitely want to – that chart above is just a preview of the many varieties we tested.

There you have it, floral professionals. That same Express Technology that has been saving you time and money in rose processing is now available – and effective – on a much wider variety of flowers. What do you think? Will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments section below.