Express Technology: Not Just for Roses Anymore!

ExpressTechnology_Logo_FA_1.6Back in October, we told you about Floralife’s Express Technology, which eliminates the need to recut rose stems during processing. It’s an exciting new development that has the potential to transform the way we process fresh cut flowers in the floriculture market today. Express Technology is big news, and the news just got even bigger!

So, if Express Technology helps the rose business reduce costs in labor, transportation and waste management, as well as processing time and space, that would be a good thing. If those savings could then spread out to OTHER types of flowers, that would be even better!

That’s exactly what we have been working on here at Floralife. Since we introduced Express Technology, we have been testing its NO STEM RECUT solution on additional varieties of flowers. Today, we are excited to announce that Express Technology is now confirmed to work with many flower types beyond roses.

We have tested the NO STEM RECUT Express Technology on a variety of fresh cut flowers, and it works brilliantly – just as we have seen with roses. On a wide range of flower types it offers a vase life equaling or, in some cases, improving upon solutions that would require a recut.

express clear labelOf course, on some varieties the results will vary. Conditions such as temperature, storage conditions, water quality and personal preference vary at each location. Floralife suggests that you perform a trial with the intended flower varieties before implementing a full scale switch to the new product.

For further information about this exciting development, you can check out our recent Express Technology press release. To learn more about how Express Technology works, visit the Product Page at the Floralife website.

So, how about you? How much time, effort, money and workspace could you save if you adopted Express Technology? Let us know in the comments section below!