Best Practices: Miracle Flowers in the Spotlight

Diamond-Peach-078.2Floralife’s Spotlight Program is a series of articles about where cut flowers come from, the people who make it happen, and their floral best practices. Today, we check in on Dutch lisianthus grower Miracle Flowers. They shared with us the beauty of their flowers, as well as the production methods and sustainability efforts that have landed them in the Spotlight!

Miracle Flowers owner Robbert Kester’s family has been growing flowers for more than 50 years. He joined the family business in 1989 and since that time has gained a wealth of experience in cultivating lisianthus. Miracle Flowers was founded in 2010 and specializes in lisianthus.

Focus on Quality Flowers

Lifestyle blog The Richest tagged Lisianthus as one of the “Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers,” (clocking in at number 10) with an average price of $10-35 per bundle. So, at Miracle Flowers, you can be sure that a big part of Miracle’s best practices is a focus on quality. “Lisianthus of high quality sells itself,” says Mr. Kester. “The years of experience and the well-equipped nursery enable us to deliver flowers of excellent quality. The range of our flowers is a combination of popular varieties and new improved breeds. Innovation is an important aspect in the management of Miracle Flowers. We are always looking for better, stronger or special flowers.”

Maintaining a critical eye and exacting selection standards help maintain that quality. Additionally, another of Miracle Flowers’ best practices is to get their flowers into a flower food solution (specifically, Floralife’s Flower Food Clear 300) immediately after harvest. This helps extend vase life by seven days.

Recognized for Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is also on the agenda at Miracle Flowers, and for their efforts they have been recognized as a Green Label Greenhouse. This designation recognizes commercial growers “with a lower environmental impact (in areas such as energy, nutrients and pesticides) and therefore contributes to sustainable horticulture.”

Floralife is proud to shine the Spotlight on the best practices of Miracle Flowers. And this is just some of the story. Check out the rest on the Floralife Spotlight page, and visit them at!