Flower Care: Floralife’s Five Steps of Fresh

christyLet’s revisit Floralife’s classic “5 Steps of Fresh.” These are flower care best practices for the designer, transporter and retailer to make the most of their investment and present a product that lasts longer and stays fresher in the home. Of course, we also suggest some fine Floralife products to help make that happen. Take a look!

Sanitize & Keep it Clean

A clean scene is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy flower care in the shop. Bacteria is the enemy, so keep it away from your tools, containers and working areas. Floralife’s D.C.D.® solution to Disinfect, Clean, and Deodorize flower buckets, vases, containers, tools and work surfaces, as well as your coolers, shipping and packing areas.

100: Treatment and Hydration

At this step of flower care, make sure your flowers are hydrated so that the stem’s cells are in good shape for flower food uptake. Floralife® Quick Dip 100 hydrating treatment is great for rehydrating and conditioning all flower types, after harvest or after a period of dry transport. It helps enhance flower life. You’ll know the 100 Series by the blue theme of the product labeling.

200: Storage and Transport

From the lonely cooler to the bumps in the road, Clear 200 storage and transport solution will keep cut flowers fresh and in ideal condition at this stage of flower care. Clear 200 hydrates and keeps stems clear and free flowing. This helps to inhibit premature bud opening or bent neck. You’ll know the 200 Series by the yellow theme of the product labeling.

300: Feed

Flower care continues at home! One tool or success at home is to give your customers flower food for the vase or floral foam arrangement. For instance, Floralife® Crystal Clear® helps the flower to properly open and show vibrant colors, while it increases freshness and quality—what your customers expect! You’ll know the 300 Series by the red theme of the product labeling.

Finishing Sprays

Give a boost to the natural freshness of fresh cut flower bouquets, floral designs, and evergreens. At this stage of flower care, Floralife® finishing spray will help keep your flowers hydrated and protect with a fast and simple measure of insurance before any arrangement goes out a florist’s door. A fine mist spray is all it takes to maximize customer satisfaction and extend the enjoyment of receiving flowers.

Those are Floralife’s classic “5 Steps of Fresh.” For more 5-Step fun, check out our video on YouTube! So, are YOU a 5-Stepper? Let us know in the comments section!