Cut Flower Care and Handling: Anemone

anemoneFloralife has expanded the Flower Care and Handling section of our website to offer a bunch of useful tips for the postharvest processing of many different varieties of cut flowers. Grower, wholesaler, retailer, enthusiast – there’s something for everybody. Let’s go down the list! Today’s star is the Anemone!

Anemone, also known as the Lily of the Field or Poppy Anemone, is native to Mediterranean Europe. They come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, purple, blue and white.

As always, Floralife has some practical Anemone care and handling tips for the grower, the wholesaler and the retailer. Here is a preview.

For the grower, you will find recommendations on when to harvest the Anemone, such as knowing when the buds are fully colored and the degree that the buds have opened. You will also learn about the Anemone’s ethylene sensitivity, and Floralife products such as EthylBloc Technology or EthylGuard 100 to help you deal with it.

For the Wholesaler and Retailer, find out if your supplier gave your blooms an anti-ethylene treatment. If not, do it right away. And make sure the Cold Chain has been maintained. You will also find tips on identifying healthy blooms and healthy stems.

Processing tips include removing foliage under the solution level and re-cutting stems. Also, hydration. Nourish the Anemone with Hydraflor® 100 or Floralife® Quick Dip 100 to help increase bud opening, decrease flower wilting and bent neck and also help keep flower stems free flowing. Instructions are in the article.

Storage and Transport: Here’s where Floralife’s “200” line comes in. These include Floralife® 200, Floralife® Clear 200, Floralife® Clear ULTRA 200 storage or Floralife® eZ Dose® treatment solutions. Mix your solution in a clean bucket, replenish it as needed, and replace weekly. You’ll also find tips on storage temperature.

Finally, we transition from retail to the home, you will learn about Floralife® 300 flower food solutions, as well as tips on stem cutting, storage temperature, vase life and the use of OASIS® floral foam.

There’s much more at the original piece, so check it out! How about you? Are you a fan of the Anemone? Let us know in the comments section!