Japanese Rose Grower in the Spotlight

tazawa rose nurseryFloralife’s Spotlight Program is a series of articles that looks at where cut flowers come from and the people that make it happen, as well as highlighting best practices. This month, the Tazawa Rose Nursery in Japan shares with us the beauty of their roses and some of the steps they have implemented to achieve their success.

Mr. Yukiro Tazawa established the Tazawa Rose Nursery in 1996 in Japan’s lush, mountainous Yamagata prefecture. He was fresh out of college but learned from other rose growers in the region, and slowly built his business.

Today, he farms on roughly a half acre and he makes the most of every day of the growing season. Fortunately, high elevation and the warm temperatures during the summer make the Yamagata prefecture an ideal location for growing roses.

Mr. Tazawa also leverages computer technology; with remote greenhouse monitoring and data collection regarding temperature and fertilizer control, he has been able to increase rose quality and quantity.

On the sustainability front, Mr. Tazawa is working to adopt more natural pest control methods, and to conserve water.

Finally, he gives back to the community, supporting local festivals and the local handicapped population.

Leveraging technology, maximizing production, working toward sustainability and giving back? Tazawa Rose Nursery, you’ve earned a place in the Floralife Spotlight!

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