Social Media for Floral Pros

socialmediaSomeone recently pointed out that Floralife (and Oasis!) had popped up in a conversation among floral professionals on LinkedIn. Just in case you don’t know, LinkedIn is a social media outlet like Facebook, but generally thought to be “more professional” in nature. And it sparked a question: are floral pros using social media to their best advantage?

So here was the social media exchange…

“Tammy Weekly Flowers” posted: Adding glitter to roses? “I have used the spray glitter but I need more and technically just at tips would be preferable. Which spray would you use to keep the glitter stuck to the petals. Or is there another way where I could dunk the tips in an adhesive then into the glitter? Keeping in mind I do not want to kill the rose.”

Robert Sims replied: “Just spray the flowers with Floralife Crowning Glory, diluted by half with plain water and lightly sprinkle diamond dust glitter. This is the finest grind glitter that you can purchase. It makes the flowers shimmer, I use it on corsages for Prom, and the kids go wild for it.”

Phyllis Lambden replied: “I spray the roses with full strength Floralife Crowning Glory or Finishing Touch and dip the edges (top of head) in diamond, opalescent glitter which I have poured on a small flat dish. You can then put the left over glitter into a container to use again. I never use glue, it shortens the life of the rose.”

And, as a shout-out to our sister company…
Niki Rae replied: “I use the Oasis flower glue and glitter it comes in a variety of colours. It works fab!”

Whether or not you take this glitter advice, the point is that social media is uniting small business people, providing a forum for valuable tips and tricks.

We have compiled a short starter list of floral pro groups on LinkedIn, if you are interested.



Additionally, Floralife has a Social Media Engagement program. Check it out on our website, HERE.

So, are you using social media for your business? Has it been useful for you? Do you know of any good groups to share? Let us know in the comments section!