Scent Free Leafshine: the Nose Knows!

leafshineScent sensitivity is a real thing. Sometimes, a scent is simply displeasing. Other times, it triggers reactions in people, from headaches to rashes. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are at least 5,000 fragrances in use in modern products. Maybe we could stand to lose a few? That’s what Floralife customers said, and we responded with new Scent-free Leafshine!

Floralife’s Leafshine is a terrific finishing spray that provides gloss and luster to your foliage – without feeling oily. But, the fact is, some folks don’t like the scent.

A June 2015 press release states: “For some time now our customers have been telling us that they wished Floralife® Leafshine had less of an industrial fragrance. With the cooperation of our suppliers, Floralife has developed a new formulation of our bonus size Leafshine 750 ml aerosol spray. With all the same benefits of our original Leafshine, this new scent free formulation offers a much more pleasing user experience.”

The key was to remove the scent without sacrificing the effectiveness of Leafshine. The results?

  • Improved scent free formula provides a pleasant, natural scent . . . no offensive odor.
  • Provides a “natural” shine, not an oily appearance.
  • Keeps foliage clean longer, as there are no oily residues to attract dust.
  • Removes and keeps water spots and calcium deposits away.
  • Suitable for most foliage plants except those with fragile or hairy leaves, succulents, and ferns. Avoid spraying on flower blooms and buds.

And, right now, Scent Free Floralife® Leafshine comes in a 25% free bonus-size can!

How about you? Do you, or another fellow floral professional deal with scent sensitivity? Have you tried Scent Free Floralife® Leafshine? Let us know in the comments section!