Ethylene and the Apple Test

apple ethyleneHave you heard of Floralife’s apple test? It’s an experiment that illustrates the harmful effects that ethylene perpetrates on helpless cut flowers and flowering potted plants. It also illustrates the effectiveness of ethylene inhibiting products such as our EthylBloc™ Technology. So put on your lab coat and let’s take a look!

First of all, why an apple? Apples are prime offenders that produce significant levels of ethylene as they decay. This is the reason we (and others) tell grocery flower departments to never store flowers in the same cooler as fruit!

The test, which you can link to here, involves comparing two bunches of flowers. Both groups are placed in water with Floralife flower food, but one bunch is also treated with Floralife EthylBloc™ Technology. Then, place an apple in both of these controlled environments, pull up a chair, and wait.

Again, you can check out the results here, but the bottom line is that, done properly, the apple test shows that flowers treated with EthylBloc™ Technology stay fresh twice as long!

As an experiment, the apple test is not quite as exciting as the time in fifth grade you made that baking soda volcano that exploded all over mom’s kitchen. Still, it proves an important point that we don’t mind repeating: ethylene kills!

Learn more about ethylene and other flower health issues here, and about Floralife EthylBloc™ Technology.