Put Your Waste in the Right Place

Put your waste in the right place

It has never been so important to reduce our footprint on the planet. Over the past 3 years we have educated and cultured a focus toward sustainability inside the FloraLife organization, with reduce, reuse, recycle and respect at the core of our actions. Part of our focus is to help industry partners and consumers extend their experience with their beautiful cut flowers, reducing waste and saving on all the water, chemicals, fuel and packaging materials required to produce. But, like everything else, FloraLife products have waste materials to be dealt with. We encourage you to do your part in making sure they end up in the correct waste stream.

Here is what you can do:

Illustration 1


Recycle in paper waste stream.

Illustration 2


Rinse, remove label and place in plastic recycling. Labels go in general waste.

Illustration 3


Rinse and place in plastic recycling.

Illustration 4


Place in general waste.

Illustration 5

Measuring cap

Rinse and reuse or place in plastic recycling.

Illustration 6


Reuse for years to come.