FloraLife® Quick Dip

FloraLife® Quick Dip Instant Hydration Solution is a ready-to-use treatment that helps maximize solution uptake and provides flowers with a quick hydration boost. It is designed to reduce bent neck and droopy stems. Flowers will be quenched and vibrant as a result.

Features & Benefits

  • A short immersion in FloraLife® Quick Dip Instant Hydration Solution is sufficient to treat flower stems. It ensures maximum water and nutrient absorption.
  • Instant hydrating treatment that keeps fresh-cut flowers quenched and vibrant. Re-vitalizes blooms to full freshness.
  • Ready-to-use solution, no mixing required.
  • Helps reduce flower waste/shrink.
  • Aids in reducing bent neck and droopy stems.
  • A must for roses, gerbera daisies and field grown crops.
  • Can be used on all flower varieties including premade bouquets.
  • Ideal pre-treatment to maximize the benefits from FloraLife® Storage & Transport and Feeding solutions.

Use Instructions & Dosing

This is a ready-to-use product (no mixing required).

Step 1:

Pour 5 to 6CM (about 2 inches) of solution into a clean container.

Step 2:

Remove foliage from the flower stem which will be located below the solution level in the flower container.

Re-cut 3 cm (1 inch) off the bottom of the stems with a clean knife or cutter.

Step 3:

Place stems in the FloraLife® Quick Dip Instant Hydrating Solution for approximately 1 to 3 seconds.


• Immediately place flowers in a Floralife® Fresh-Cut Flower Food solution.
• Discard used solution daily or if it becomes cloudy or contaminated with debris.
• Never pour used solution back into the original bottle.


As part of the FloraLife 2025 sustainability plan, we are committed to improving the packaging of our products. Over the coming years, we aim to significantly reduce our plastic footprint. Hence our decision to offer the industry products with sustainable packaging.

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Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Material Containers

A percentage of this product’s packaging is made from recycled content. This means that this portion of the packaging has had at least 1 life before.  See the mark on the front label for how much recycled content is included in this packaging.