FloraLife® Evergreens Spray

Before you begin adding fresh cut flowers or other adornments to your evergreens, spray on a thin coat of FloraLife® Evergreens Spray for healthier and longer lasting greens. This ready-to-use spray is safe for all evergreens. Drying clear with no pesky residue, this liquid shield aids in holding in moisture, resulting in less needles dropping. Perfect for use with evergreen greens, trees, wreaths, or garlands it reduces drying, browning, and wilting providing optimal longevity and maintaining color vibrancy. There is also a dip application good for use with cut evergreens that will be used in arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, wedding designs, or stand alone as a cut tree. After you apply the product, allow 30 minutes drying time at room temperature before decorating or putting into a cooler.