How to Care for your Fresh-Cut Flowers at Home

How to Care for your Fresh-Cut Flowers at Home

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Step 1: Clean.

Start with a clean vase or container, use FloraLife® Spotless Surface Cleaner to be sure your container is squeaky-clean and flower ready! Then prepare your vase. Follow recommended water to flower food ratio found on packaging. Measure and add FloraLife® Fabulous Flower Food to keep flowers FRESH & FAB! Stir or mix water well with flower food.

Step 2: Trim.

Remove any foliage that would fall below the water line in your vase/container. Then cut 1" or 3 cm off the bottom of your stems.

Step 3: Hydrate.

Dip the bottom of your stems in FloraLife® Super Quick Dip for 2 seconds as a quick flower hydration pick-me-up.

Step 4: Feed.

Immediately place flowers into vase already filled with FloraLife® Fabulous Flower Food and water.

Step 5: Finish.

Last but not least, mist your blooms with a thin layer of FloraLife® Flawless Finishing Touch when your design is complete. Just a few spritz will help keep your flowers fresh, hydrated and protected.

Check solution levels daily and repeat this process as needed for the longest-lasting, freshest flowers. Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight, heat, freezing, or drafts. Enjoy!