FloraLife Crystal Clear® Flower Food Packet

Flowers Need to Eat Just Like You

FloraLife Crystal Clear® Flower Food Recyclable Paper Packets

You're thinking… flowers need to eat just like me? What does that mean exactly? Sounds strange but yes, just like us, flowers need all the creature comforts in order to thrive. Say for example we were thrown into a harsh environment of extreme cold or heat, no water, no food. It's clear we would not be able to withstand those conditions for long and we would expire. Like any other living things, flowers are no different. Flowers need proper conditions, hydration and most importantly, nourishment. Under the right circumstances cut flowers can last surprisingly longer than you might expect after harvest.

Growers are the first link in the chain; when harvesting they take great care to hydrate and nourish stems before packing for their journey to the next stop. When arriving at flower wholesalers or bouquet operation, the same process is repeated. Flowers are conditioned so when they arrive at your local retailers, they are fully nourished and ready to give you an amazing flower experience! Last but certainly not least in this chain is you. How you care for your flowers once you get them home makes a world of difference in how long you will enjoy them. Below are some easy but important care tips you should follow.

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Flower food is the key ingredient to make your flowers last the longest. The Floralife Crystal Clear® Flower Food packet that you received with your flowers provides the perfect amount of nutrients to encourage fresh-cut flowers to properly open, showing vibrant colors. It hydrates and nourishes the flowers for maximum enjoyment. FloraLife Crystal Clear® is an excellent choice for clear glass vase arrangements.

Want the longest vase life possible?

Follow these few, easy steps.

1. Start with a clean vase or container.

We do not recommend using a metal or galvanized container unless you have a liner.

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2. Fill your container with cool water mixed with flower food.

Follow directions on packet for the right water to food ratio. Do not use softened water as the salt levels can be damaging to flowers.

Illustration 2

3. Remove any leaves that would fall below the water level.

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4. Carefully re-cut stem ends approximately 1" (2.5cm) using a clean pair of floral shears or a knife.

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5. Place flowers immediately into prepared container.

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6. Be careful not to get water on the flower blooms.

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7. You should always place your flowers away from extreme cold, heat, direct sunlight and drafts.

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8. Check the water level daily, repeat steps 1-5 every 2-3 days so fresh cut flowers last as long as possible.

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9. Most importantly - Enjoy!

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides optimal hydration, nutrition and longevity to flowers.
  • Appropriate for use with all flower and foliage types.
  • Packaging recyclable in the paper waste stream.
  • Carbon neutral product.
  • Enhances your experience with flowers.


Sustainability - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect


As part of the FloraLife 2025 sustainability plan, we are committed to improving the packaging of our products. Over the coming years, we aim to remove millions of pieces of plastic from the industry. Hence our decision to offer the industry a recyclable paper range of flower food.

Read more about our sustainability journey.

98% Naturally Derived

Naturally Derived

98% naturally derived simply means that the flower food ingredients are originally sourced from nature. They are a derivative of the original plant material. It does not account for how the plant material is processed to create the final ingredients. All FloraLife® Flower Food products found inside of the packets contain somewhere between 96 and 99% naturally derived ingredients and 1 to 4% other ingredients.

Carbon Neutral Product

Carbon Neutral

Reducing carbon footprint has never been so important. A major part of the FloraLife 2025 Sustainability Plan is understanding our carbon footprint and doing something about it. We have carbon footprint assessed our global flower food packet range and with this information have been able to make our recyclable paper packets carbon neutral with the support of Carbon Footprint Ltd.

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