To Cut or Not to Cut?

To Cut or Not to Cut?

We try to cut, or cut out, a lot of things from our day to day lives. We cut calories, we cut spending, we cut corners sometimes if we have to (which doesn’t always work out in our favor). Time seems to be our most valuable commodity. With it we can do so many things, but with so many things to do, it seems we never have enough of it. This usually leads us to the unrelenting question: how do we save time? We find the answers in solutions offered. So many technological advances are focused on just that; enabling us to keep pace in the modern world. There is an app for just about everything, the “Amazon effect” as it’s known, door to door service sometimes within just mere hours. Many of the products we purchase are just a click away. The world commands the most from us to make every second count.

The floral industry, as any other industry, is no different in trying to find or create better efficiencies to help save time and money. In our world of modernization, automation, and instant gratification, one very positive step for the floral industry in that direction came with the invention of the FloraLife® Express Technology. This breakthrough revolutionized the way we process flowers. Cut or not cut, flowers perform the same, and in some cases, actually better than when processed in the traditional method. Allowing the flowers to be fed and fully hydrated without ever cutting stems has been an incredible time, labor, and most importantly money saving innovation at every level of the distribution chain.

FloraLife® Express Technology has a range of products available that are appropriate for use from farm to consumer.  Helping consumers understand how they can enjoy flowers without all the fuss, we recommend:

Start with a clean vase and mix flower food solution according to instructions. Dose right: not too much and not too little. Mix flower food solution according to instructions (1L packet mixed with 1 quart of clean and cool tap water).

  1. Strip any foliage that will be below the water line so that you can help keep your solutions clean.
  2. If using regular flower food, trim 1 inch (2.5cm) off stems for best results. That gives stems clean “pipes” with which to drink solution. If using FloraLife® Express Technology, fresh cut flowers are fed and fully hydrated – cut or no cut. Simply trim stems as needed or arrange in your fav vase! Flowers in a jiffy have never been easier!
  3. Keep an eye on water/solution and refill when getting low to keep flowers well fed and hydrated.
  4. Best to keep flowers in a constant environment. Avoid direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, and drafts.