FloraLife Troubleshooting - Sunflower

Sunflower: Troubleshooting

Sunflower: Troubleshooting

A universal symbol of warmth and happiness, Sunflowers are a popular go-to for designers everywhere when bright and bold colors are needed. Available year-round, colors in the market include shades of yellow, red, brown, and orange. Typically hardy, following a few simple care and handling guidelines your Sunflowers are sure to perform and bring smiles to everyone they meet!

Problems & Solutions


Ethylene Sensitivity


Moderately sensitive depending on the variety, ethylene exposure can lead to abscission of ligules. Use FloraLife® EthylGuard* or EthylBloc™ products to reduce this risk.


Botrytis & Pathogen Sensitivity


Botrytis can develop on petals if there is mechanical damage as an entry point. Packed carefully sunflowers are not prone to physical damage. Avoid strapping too tight as stems are thick and flower heads can snap off, and stems can damage easily.


Bent Flower Heads


Sunflowers are phototropic (they follow the light). This can cause neck bending. This may also be due to improper stage at harvest, flower dehydration or improper sanitation. This can be avoided by maintaining optimal temperatures during transport and storage and adhering to best practices with cleanliness and hydration/feeding.

Need to Know: Sunflower Helpful Hints


Properly Dosed & Mixed Flower Food: The Benefits

  • Helps blooms fully develop & open
  • Helps Sunflowers stay hydrated and fed
  • Longer vase life
  • Better color development

Keep them Fresh!

  • Pre-treatments: Hydrate at farm level with FloraLife® Express Clear 100.
  • Recommended flower food solution for storage/transport: FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200.
  • Store processing recommendations: If shipped with nets, remove prior to processing. Avoid handling the flower by the head to avoid creasing and bruising to the petals. Sunflowers can drink a lot of water; be sure to use a vase that holds plenty of water and that can support the weight of the flowers. Dry or wet pack, Sunflowers should be shipped and stored upright if possible.
  • Recommended flower food solution for end consumers: FloraLife® Express Universal 300 Packets.
  • Cooler / Storage temperature should be 34-38°F, 1-3°C


  • Sunflowers have an average vase life of 5-14 days.
  • Sunflowers open at a steady pace then hold.
  • Leaf yellowing can be an issue with foliage if harvested at an improper stage, improper cultural practice or non-optimal storage and handling conditions.
  • Sunflowers can be mixed with other flowers without any negative or harmful effects.
  • Sunflowers follow the light and may not stay in the same position you arranged them.
  • Perform well in foam. The heavy heads and large stems require the use of reinforced floral foam in floral design. Always cut at a sharp angle before inserting into foam. Use a secure foam and check the water level periodically to be sure flowers stay hydrated.
  • Use FloraLife® Finishing Touch spray or FloraLife® Crowning Glory* once designs are complete to keep blooms fresh and hydrated.


  • Following cold chain protocol, Sunflowers can be stored up to 5 days in a cooler. We always recommend following FIFO (First In First Out) inventory guidelines however so that consumers have the best possible experience with the freshest product.


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