FloraLife Troubleshoot - Statice

Statice: Troubleshooting

Statice: Troubleshooting

Statice, also known as sea lavender, is not only versatile but also hardy, making it an ideal cut flower. Statice is available year-round in shades of blue, purple, yellow, white, and salmon. Suitable for both holiday and everyday designs, Statice is a tried-and-true filler adding a unique texture and color to floral creations. Though resilient, Statice needs the right care and handling to perform at its best.  Following a few simple guidelines, your Statice will be long-lasting and vibrant.


Problems & Solutions


Ethylene Sensitivity


Statice can be sensitive to ethylene. To minimize any risk due to exposure, use an ethylene action-inhibitor product such as EthylBloc™* during storage and transport or FloraLife® EthylGuard* at farm level.


Botrytis Sensitivity


Statice is susceptible to Botrytis. Extremely high relative humidity or temperature fluctuation during shipping should be avoided as condensation on sleeves encourage disease development. Do not over pack buckets with bunches to allow enough breathing room between stems. Respect the cold chain and do not get water on or handle the flowers by their blooms.


Prone to Physical/Mechanical Damage


Generally, not prone to physical or mechanical damage when harvested at the correct stage with approximately 50-70% of the bracts open or showing color, however, use care when handling and packing to avoid damage to bracts and flowers.

Need to Know: Statice Helpful Hints


Properly Dosed and Mixed Flower Food:

  • Helps blooms fully develop and open
  • Helps Statice stay hydrated and avoid wilting
  • Longer vase life
  • Better color development and retention


Keep them Fresh!

  • Statice needs to hydrate well, we recommend pre-treating at farms with FloraLife® Express Clear 100 in combination with FloraLife® EthylGuard* for ethylene protection.
  • Recommended flower food solution for storage/transport: FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200.
  • Recommended flower food solution for end consumers: FloraLife® Express Universal 300 packets.
  • Cooler / Storage temperature should be 34-38°F, 1-3°C
  • It is preferable to ship Statice dry pack due to being susceptible to Botrytis. Avoid temperature fluctuations during shipping and storage.
  • Line shipping boxes with FloraLife® Transport Paper.


  • Average vase life for Statice is 7-14 days.
  • Opening or aperture speed is slow. Each "winged" stem has blooms that open bottom to top over the course of vase life. It is not unusual for fresh stems to have little white flowers growing through the papery bracts.
  • Statice can be mixed with other flowers without any negative or harmful effects.
  • Foliage is thin, sword-like leaves of dark green.
  • When processing, be sure to unpack immediately upon receiving to allow bunches to air out, especially important when shipped in sleeves. Avoid stems with discolored or yellow foliage, fungus (Botrytis) dehydration, and/or underweight bunches. Never over pack buckets to ensure good airflow and avoid condensation in packaging. If you aren't using FloraLife® Express technology, you'll want to re-cut stems.
  • Commonly used as a filler flower for bouquets and arrangements of all shapes and sizes, stems are extremely versatile and can easily be used in foam or a vase. If using in foam hydrate stems overnight prior and use OASIS® MaxLife foam for best hydration.
  • Use FloraLife® Finishing Touch or FloraLife® Crowning Glory spray* once designs are complete to keep blooms fresh and hydrated.


  • Our top recommendation always for inventory rotation is to follow the FIFO (First In First Out) rule to deliver the freshest product and give consumers the best possible experience. Storing dry pack, Statice can be stored up to 7 days, wet pack storage should be limited to 3 days or less.


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*Product availability depends upon geographical region. Check here for more information.