Solidaster: FloraLife Troubleshooting

Solidaster: Troubleshooting

Solidaster: Troubleshooting

Solidaster, an inter-genetic hybrid between aster and solidago, is typically available in shades of yellow for the commercial market year-round. Solidaster has become a must-have for many designers, offering a filler flower that adds wonderful texture and a sunny pop of yellow. Solidaster is a very dependable crop that enjoys an extensive vase life if the right steps for care and handling are followed.

Problems & Solutions


Ethylene Sensitivity


Typically has a low sensitivity to ethylene, however, Solidaster can benefit from the use of an ethylene action-inhibitor products such EthylBloc™ during storage and transportation or FloraLife® EthylGuard* at farm level to minimize any risk from ethylene exposure.


Disease Sensitivity


Botrytis sensitivity depends upon the variety; some have low susceptibility while others are in fact susceptible. Do not over pack boxes to allow good airflow and avoid temperature fluctuations during shipping to prevent any condensation inside packaging.




An extremely thirsty crop, hydration is the key to the longest possible vase life. Pre-treatment at farm level with FloraLife® Express Clear 100 will ensure good initial hydration and help stems hydrate fully before packing and shipping.

Need to Know: Solidaster Helpful Hints

Properly Dosing and Mixing Flower Food: The Benefits

  • Helps blooms fully develop
  • Helps Solidaster stay hydrated and avoid wilting
  • Longer vase life
  • Better color development

Keep them Fresh!

  • Solidaster needs excellent hydration and to be replenished continuously to stay fresh. We recommend pre-treating at farms with FloraLife® Express Clear 100 to kick start good hydration after harvest.
  • Recommended flower food solution for storage/transport: FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200.
  • Recommended flower food solution for end consumers: FloraLife® Express 300 or FloraLife® Universal packets.
  • Cooler / Storage temperature should be 34-38°F, 1-3°C
  • Solidaster can ship dry or wet, the key being to maintain the cold chain throughout distribution. If shipping or storing dry pack, be sure flowers are well hydrated at farm level prior to packing. If shipping or storing wet pack, we recommend using FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 storage and shipping solution.
  • Line your boxes with FloraLife® Transport Paper sheets prior to shipping from farms.


  • Average vase life for Solidaster is 7-14 days depending on design type.
  • Slow opening, Solidaster's opening speed will increase with warmer ambient temperature.
  • Foliage can experience leaf yellowing, use an anti-leaf yellowing treatment such as FloraLife® Bulb 100*. Anti-ethylene treatments have also been shown to reduce leaf yellowing.
  • Solidaster can be mixed with other flowers without negative effects.
  • When processing, product should be received when the clusters of florets (capitula) are golden yellow, and the petals begin to open. Make sure the inflorescence and leaves are clean from diseases and pests. Be sure all leaves that would be below the flower food solution level are removed to avoid contaminating solution. If you aren't using FloraLife® Express technology, you'll want to re-cut stems. If receiving dry pack, process immediately first using FloraLife® Quick Dip followed by FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 for better hydration, especially at wholesale, retail, and bouquet operations. Solidaster is a VERY thirsty crop and can wilt quickly without adequate hydration. Check solution levels daily, if water levels become low, you should repeat your processing steps replenishing with a freshly made flower food solution.
  • Solidaster performs well in foam following a few precautions. If designing in foam use OASIS® MaxLife for best hydration. We recommend hydrating stems overnight prior to designing. Solidaster is best used as a filler flower and works well in any type of design, especially natural or wildflower themes. Cut stems at an angle before inserting into foam and check foam saturation daily to keep stems hydrated.
  • Use FloraLife® Finishing Touch spray once designs are complete to keep blooms fresh and hydrated.


  • Following the FIFO (First In First Out) guideline is always our top recommendation for inventory rotation. Following cold chain protocols, Solidaster can have a storage life of up to 5 days. If storing wet pack, check water levels occasionally to be sure stems stay hydrated.

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*Product availability depends upon geographical region. Check here for more information.