Sanitation: What is it & Why is it Important to My Flower Business?

Sanitation: What is it & Why is it Important to My Flower Business?

Sanitation - What is it?

Sanitation is a word you hear quite a lot in the floral business and beyond. You hear this word most often when discussing flower preventative measures for flower diseases or care and handling best practices. So, what does sanitation mean exactly for flowers and why is it so important? Sanitation involves cleaning and disinfecting tools, work surfaces, and storage areas, etc. on a continuous, routine basis to keep bacteria or fungi from growing that will affect the overall quality and vase life of your flowers. Proper sanitation plays perhaps one of the most important roles in increasing the vase life of fresh flowers. The impact can be seen almost immediately when sanitation guidelines aren't followed, the compromised quality and damage unfortunately are irreversible.

Why is it important to my business?

Sanitation is important to prevent bacteria and fungus from developing. Negative effects of bacteria and fungus on flowers:

  1. Bacteria clogs stems which can cause hydration problems and "bent neck".
  2. Bacteria results in increased ethylene production, decreasing overall quality and vase life.
  3. Fungi cause diseases in flowers creating waste and decreasing the quality and value of flowers.

Making sure your flowers last as long as possible and the vase life of your flowers is extended to their full potential is just smart business! Not only will you save money by having less waste and unsellable inventory, but you'll also make sure your customers have an amazing experience when buying from you. That positive customer experience is truly priceless and well worth the time and effort it takes to be sure your shop is cleaned and sanitized properly.

The Routine

Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule is the key to consistently good sanitation, certain jobs need attention with more frequency, we suggest the following:


  • Sweep cooler and work area floors daily to rid them of leaves, petals or stems that may carry disease spores.
  • Clean and sanitize sinks, design tables, work areas, knives, clippers, and any other tools with clean water and professional floral cleaner such as FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner*.
  • Clean and sanitize buckets with clean water and a professional floral cleaner such as FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner*.
  • Use only clean and cool water for flower hydration or processing.


  • Clean and sanitize cooler work area, floors, walls, and shelves.
  • Check cooler temperature and humidity gauges, calibrate if needed.
  • Reach out to your FloraLife representative for more information or a list of products available in your region that will help you make short work of sanitation!

*Product availability depends upon geographic region.