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Keeping Greens Fresh

Keeping Greens Fresh

Greens & Design

Often the unsung hero of the floral cooler, greens of some kind are usually an essential part of most floral designs.  Whether to create a base, establish lines, or add texture, greens although hardy, do need care and handling just like any cut flower to stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible.  The good news is greens are very hardy and fairly easy to care for provided best practices for care and handling have been followed throughout the distribution chain and they are arriving to you fresh.

Categories of Greens

There are many types of greens available in the market, knowing how to care for different types of greens will enable you to get the longest vase life and best performance. If unsure, ask your supplier for care tips upon purchase.

For best results, we recommend misting greens to keep them fresh using a spray such as FloraLife® Crowning Glory®*.   This ready-to-use spray provides a waxy moisture barrier giving the greens the ability to hold moisture or retain water and stay hydrated.  FloraLife® Crowning Glory®* is great for either cut foliage or indoor plants. If using on potted plants, avoid those with fuzzy, hairy leaves such as African Violets.

For less needle dropping, healthier and longer-lasting evergreens, try FloraLife® Evergreens Spray*. Simply spray a thin coat of this product on your evergreens before you add fresh cut flowers or any other adornments to your arrangements.

If your greens look a bit dull coming out of storage, you can instantly give them a natural shine with a spray of FloraLife® LeafShine. Avoid spraying on hairy and succulent greens and leaves.

Temperature Information

Storage temperatures and processing guidelines do vary slightly between different groups of greens:


  • includes pine, cedar, fir, etc.; anything with pine needles or coniferous.
  • stored @ 34-38° F / 1-3° C, evergreens can last several weeks in dry storage.

Tropical Foliage

  • includes bird of paradise leaves, monstera, palm, etc.; grows in the same climate as tropical flowers such as bird of paradise, ginger, or heliconia.
  • store @ 55-65° F / 13-18° C with other tropical or cold sensitive flowers.

Leafy Greens / Ferns / Grasses

  • includes leather leaf, tree fern, lily grass to name a few; the majority of greens offered commercially are included in this group.
  • store @ 34-38° F / 1-3° C, greens can be held in dry storage longer than cut flowers before hydrating but you should process within 1-2 weeks of receiving for hydration.

Flowering Branches

  • includes forsythia, cherry blossoms, dogwood, basically this group will include any and all flowering branches by season.
  • be sure to clear stems, anything that would be below the water level.
  • give a fresh cut placing in a bucket or container prepared with FloraLife® Flower Food solution.
  • store @ 34-38° F / 1-3° C, branches can be held in dry storage longer than cut flowers before hydrating but you should process within a week after receiving for hydration.

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*Product availability depends upon geographical region. Check here for more information.