FloraLife Troubleshooting - Iris

Iris: Troubleshooting

Iris: Troubleshooting

A springtime favorite for many, Iris blooms embody elegance and sophistication. Their graceful petals gently unfurl, revealing jewel tones of amethyst, citron, and pure white. Iris can be somewhat delicate, but with the right care and handling, they will perform well adding flair and pizzazz to your spring creations!


Problems & Solutions


Bud Development


During development the tips of the Iris flower can curl or dry up and the bloom does not develop or open. Treat with FloraLife® Bulb 100* to promote buds to develop into full bloom and increase flower life.


Abnormal Flower Opening & Premature Petal Discoloration


These issues are usually due to harvesting too early. FloraLife® Bulb 100* treatment can help in this case.

Need to Know: Iris Helpful Hints


Properly Mixed Flower Food: The Benefits

  • Helps blooms fully develop & open
  • Helps Iris stay hydrated
  • Longer vase life
  • Better color development

Keep them Fresh!

  • Pre-treat at farm level with FloraLife® Bulb 100* if shipping/storing wet pack on the way to auction or customers. The treatment helps alleviate any negative effects of storage on flower development and flower life. Storage can be prolonged if low temperatures are respected.
  • Recommended flower food solution for storage/transport: FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200.
  • Store processing recommendations: Use FloraLife® Bulb Food Clear 300*.
  • Recommended flower food solution for end consumers: FloraLife® Bulb Food Clear 300*, FloraLife® Universal 300*, or FloraLife® Express Universal 300 Packets.
  • Cooler / Storage temperature should be 34-38°F, 1-3°C
  • For longest vase life, place Iris in a cool place away from drafts, heaters or direct sunlight. The warmer the room, the shorter the vase life.


  • Iris flowers have an average vase life of 3-5 days. Ambient temperature is a major factor affecting overall vase life performance.
  • Opening speed is usually fast, once processed and placed in room temperature, Iris will open within 24-48 hours.
  • Foliage is slender, sheathing leaves that grow upward along each side of the stem. Using FloraLife® Bulb 100* can keep the foliage green.
  • Flowers are typically in "pencil" stage when purchased. A line of color should project out of the sheathing leaves. Be sure the tips of the flower are not curled and dried up or the bloom won't open.
  • Iris can be mixed with other flowers without any negative or harmful effects.
  • Iris performs well in foam if foam is fully saturated with flower food solution prior to designing. Always cut at a sharp angle before inserting into foam. Use a secure foam and check periodically to be sure flowers stay hydrated.
  • Use FloraLife® Finishing Touch spray once designs are complete to keep blooms fresh and hydrated.


  • FIFO (First In First Out) inventory rotation is always our recommendation. Storage can be prolonged if cold chain is followed throughout distribution chain.


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