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Guard Petals Protect and Add Character to Roses

Guard Petals Protect and Add Character to Roses

Have you ever received roses that looked like the sharpened end of a pencil? You cut them and put them in a vase with water and flower food and they just never open? Most likely they have been what we call in the flower biz “peeled” or in other words the outer petals have been removed.

Not so fast! The “guard” petals as we call them, or outer petals of the rose are Nature’s way of protecting the rest of the rose bloom. Here’s why you should leave those guard petals:

  1. Natural defense against mechanical damage and when the rose blooms you won’t see these petals. If the petals are damaged you can remove them without harming the rose and this doesn’t mean the rose is bad, just that those guard petals were doing their job and protecting the rose.
  2. Adds character! Imagine your favorite Hollywood star without their distinguishing feature, not as appealing right? Some of the natural beauty distinct to the variety is in the guard petals.
  3. The more petals you remove the less petals to open, you may find the rose doesn’t have the full look you would like to see.

Our best recommendation always to keep flowers their freshest the longest is to use flower food!