Flower Food: Essential for Floral Retail Success

Flower Food: Essential for Floral Retail Success

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Fresh cut flower food was developed to simulate the flower's original environment of available resources, and allow for flower to fully develop and open.

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Ensures proper hydration, better opening, increased vitality, vibrancy of colors, cleaner vase water, healthier stems, and days of vase life.

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Includes special ingredients to keep the water uptake flowing.

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Helps lower the pH of water which optimizes the water and food uptake through the stems.

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Relatively low cost.

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Improves consistency in flower health, vase life and performance.

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Homemade versions, or recipes, of flower food do not contain all the necessary ingredients vital to sustaining flower life, and no consistent effects.

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Optimal longevity of flowers ensures consumer happiness and maximized experience with your flowers, which leads to positive word of mouth and repeat purchases.

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The most effective tool to combat the famous so-called last mile.

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The best insurance policy for retailers because it ensures the optimum flower experience at the consumers home or as gifts.

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Small investment, big return: ensures that the end result the consumer takes home is always the best one possible.

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Exhaustive research (1st and 3rd party) supports the use of flower food. Recent primary research concluded that the average vase life for roses in water was 4.2 days versus 7.2 days in flower food. Photos on day 8 in vase after 4 days in the store phase.

Roses in Water
Roses in Water
Roses in Flower Food
Roses in Flower Food